From a Beginners Perspective

CrossFit Hallam

Me exercise! Me, who’s only form of exercising was walking to my car, preferably smoking a cigarette at the same time.

Yes that WAS me

Me now? Im a proper bona fide CrossFitter.  A Crossfitter that is getting fitter and fitter across all forms of exercise.  A Crossfitter that absolutely loves my Hallam Box, loves my trainer Michelle even more, a CrossFitter that if I miss one day (rare!!) It is not ME.  I don’t feel like me.

I started at CrossFit Hallam in September 2017.  You will know me.  I was the ‘mum’, I likened myself to a marshmallow.  Soft and white.  Michelle, all smiles ( even when yelling at you, she has a knack that she still smiles) greeted me warmly with OK bench press 100kg, give me 11 billion burpees, run up and down the road…. 5 times!!! Ok it wasn’t that much but man did it feel like it.  But Im old, I have children, I don’t exercise I spluttered.  Michelle with a deadpan looks said ” You can do it” and you know what I did!  I did and I felt fantastic!!!

I know its cliche’ but really I cannot stop.  This has changed my life.  I am one of those exercise people, the ones that nod knowingly when others like me talk about muscle pain, I truly empathise when someone is injured but encourage them to take it easy, so as not to hinder their recovery.  This is what I get taught at CrossFit Hallam.  Not only to be a Crossfitter (yes me!!!!) but to learn about my body and even make friends!!  There is nothing more rewarding than a high five after a wod.  Nothing!! (ok maybe those muscles I have in my biceps and the strong legs I have now is a teeny tiny bit more rewarding)

Me now?  I go three days a week.  Its part of my routine.  Its part of my life.  Its like eating and sleeping.  If I miss one it doesn’t feel right.  Me, the old, soft mum even entered the world wide CrossFit Games.  Yes I did it. I even completed it and I didn’t even come last.  I am just about to do my first ever partner competition in June.  Yes ME!!!!!!!  CrossFit and completion was never part of my vocabulary, ever!!

Thank you Mr CrossFit and thank you  Michelle for making me ME.  The real me!





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