Brendan 6 Months

My Crossfit journey started with the gentle encouragement of my brother, after I had medical cause to get active, change my diet and lose weight. I was stuck in a lifestyle rut, and needed a change. I’d done the “gym thing” before, but had never been able to make a routine stick.

The first thing I remember about Crossfit Hallam was being made to feel welcome. I was introduced to a whole heap of new people, and they were all happy to offer help, advice and encouragement. The first month was tough, but every session was easier than the one before and I was improving in my fitness and ability to recover between sessions. It wasn’t working out that got me in though, it was how friendly, motivating and inspiring the coaches and everyone else working out were and are. I came for the exercise, but what kept me coming back was the people. Crossfit is not like any gym experience I’ve ever had – there are no mirrors, and people not only talk to each other, they have each other’s backs!

Fast forward a few months, and people in the outside world are noticing changes. Adhering to a healthier diet, planning my meals and going to the Box 3 times a week combined to have me losing weight. So far, I’ve lost 17kg and my health issues have cleared up, now I’m building strength and endurance. The nice surprise is that I’m now doing movements that I never thought I’d ever be able to do – climbing ropes, burpees, weightlifting – it’s awesome to be able to do that stuff!

Throughout the past decade or so, I’ve felt limited with exercise through a combination of issues. One of those issues has been repeated injuries to my ankles. One has arthritic degeneration, whilst the other is loose due to the tendons and ligaments having been stretched and sprained. The coaches are always mindful of workout movements to make sure that these limitations aren’t exacerbated, moreover, they have helped to work on muscle groups that give the additional strength and support to these areas, and in combination with physiotherapy, my ankles are better now than they have been for many years. Injury and limitations are no longer an excuse, and I can’t wait to see what my future holds in the world of Crossfit – who knows, perhaps I’ll join my brother on the podium as a national champion Crossfitter one day!

Brendan Larkin, 37

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