20kg Down – Best Decision I ever Made

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My CrossFit Journey by Leai

Nearly a year since starting CrossFit.

It has tested me.  It has challenged me.  It has changed me!

I remember the first day like it was yesterday.  I walked into the ‘box’ feeling nervous, unhealthy and out of my comfort zone.  I finished the trial class.  Oh my goodness, my body was literally aching from head to toe.  I got into my car and had to take a moment, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t move, I woke up muscles I never thought I had! And I still managed to smile at Michelle and say yip, I’m ok, Ill be back.  BEST decision I ever made and have never looked back since!

I was a stay at home mum, with three girls, aged 8,7 and 6 and of course the husband.  Everything revolved around them.  It suddenly dawned on me, my girls are growing up fast and my health wasn’t great.  Will I still be around for them? Felt scary but was the reality.  That’s when I KNEW I had to change!!!!

FAST FORWARD 10months and what have I been up to?

  • Took part in my first ever CrossFit Competition June 2018.  Best experience EVER!! I came home so proud of myself, I pushed myself beyond my limits and didn’t give up!
  • Took part in the 6 week kickstart challenge in April 2018 – had to remind myself I still need to be accountable
  • Took part in the 12 week Spring Challenge 2017. Planning and preparation, these two very important! Now-a-days, if I don’t prepare my weekly plan I’m lost!
  • Train at least 3 times a week, as Michelle would say “Its routine, just like brushing your teeth”….. LOVE IT!
  • ANDDDDDD lost nearly 20kg (yayyyy)!! My body is becoming stronger, still a long way to go but I can truly say, my body and mind are on the same page now

Absolutely love my CrossFit Journey – the WODS (sometimes ha ha), the people, the energy, the high fives, even the wod music (sometimes I feel like busting a move ha ha) Onwards and Upwards!!!!

Thank you Michelle, Ness and Ryan, you guys rock!!

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