Lift off is this Friday!!! 5:30pm in wod class time, everyone get involved.  We will do this just like the open with judging each other.  Come and join in or support we will have a BBQ to follow so stay around and have a mingle.

Strength: 3RM Front Squat

  • 30sec Bandy Twisty Things

Wod: Fran

  • 21 – 15 – 9
  • Thrusters (42.5/30)
  • Pullups

-If You are not a little nervous right now , you should be. Fran is the pinnacle workout of Crossfit. When you meet a crossfitter for the first time you don’t just simply say hello. You ask “whats your Fran time?”

-How should you approach today. With everything you’ve got. If you’ve been training hard and doing all the things you should be doing outside the gym, then today is your day. Lets set some PR’s.

-After you’ve hit some PR’s on the front squat its time to tackle Fran. If you have a Fran time and you are RX’ing then its go go go. See if you can go unbroken on those thrusters and don’t let go on that pull up bar. Its Challenging yes, but it is Fran.

-If its your frist time, just see what you can do. We will definitely be doing this one again so set yourself some goals to beat for next time


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