Dont forget to mark in your calendar our end of year ‘Christmas Party’ 16th December 5:30pm. Bit of friendly competition with bare foot bowls! Please reply and Facebook and put name down at box

Strength: 3RM Split Jerk

  • 15 sec side plank each side

Wod: For Reps

  • 5 Rounds
  • 30sec max Thrusters (45/32.5)
  • 30sec Rest
  • 30sec max bar facing burpees
  • 30sec Rest
  • 30sec max cal row
  • 30sec Rest

– Hello. Welcome to Monday.

– Great chance to start the week with a Split Jerk PR. If you find your 3rm quickly then drop the weight back and practice technique wherever needed. And don’t forget to do the side planks.

– Then we look towards the WOD. What a gross way to start the week.

– Choose a weight for the thruster that you can move for the entire 30 Seconds of every round. This may mean not using the RX weight. Yeah yeah i know if you dont RX you’ll lose the millions of Instagram followers you have, but you might get a little fitter using a lighter weight which is kind of why you are here.

– As far as the burpees and rowing goes, just do your best to stay consistent every round. Its a tough one but a good one. Enjoy

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