“The CrossFit Open” 2018 is back in 4 months!!!!!! Starts 23rd Feb finishes 27th March. This is one workout released by CrossFit Headquarters for 5 weeks.  Its great when the whole box gets involved and completes these together.  We will be preparing for this event in our daily wods.  Even if you are a beginner or advanced athlete this is for everyone.  Great fun and great socialising on a Friday night. Speak to a coach or other members if you have any questions

DATE FOR CALENDAR – Hallam hosting a partner comp in Berwick at the expo Feb 10th! Registrations now open www.melbhealthandfitnessexpo.com.au


Strength: 5RM Dip

Wod: For Time

  • 3 Rounds
  • 25 Ring Muscle Ups (Rxd- 25 Ring Dips)
  • 100 Air Squats
  • 35sec L-sit

– Holy Moly!!!! 75 Muscle ups. You must be crazy

  • The focus of today’s wod is practice. Relatively low intensity because of the nature of the movement(lots of muscle ups and the challenging L-sit holds). But because its intended to be a little slower its a great opportunity to work on perfect technique.
  • If you’re capable of performing ring muscle ups but 25 per round is just too much, then I recommend cutting the reps down a bit to more manageable sets. Other options could be substituting muscle up transitions in place of the muscle ups and practice that turn over from the pull into the dip. If doing dips take your time, make them challenging and work full ranges of motion
  • The air squats is where the workout speeds up a little. Work on hitting depth on every rep and standing up tall at the top of the movement
  • L-sits. Have a few practice attempts at these before the wod begins to see if these will work for you or not(they could be a fun exercise to practice in your spare time too). If unable to perform L-sits, look towards movements like L-hangs, Hollow Holds and hollow rocks. They are your best bang for your buck exercises today and for the long term
  • Enjoy this one. Encourage your buddies around you when they need it, and they’ll cheer for you when you need it


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