In-house Partner Comp – July 8th, get your buddy organised, will have bbq (sausages etc for sale) coffee van and lots of fun!


If you are interested in a body scan, telling you your weight, muscle mass, water and a whole lot more, please let Michelle know as it is something I can organise for $35 a scan

Strength: 1RM Front Squat

  • 8 Ab rollouts in between every set

Wod: Regional Event 3

  • 35 One Arm Over Head Lunge (22.5/15) (Rxd+ 35/25)
  • 100 Double Unders
  • 50 Wall Balls (9/6) (Rxd+ 13.5/9)
  • 10 Rope Climbs
  • 50 Wall Balls
  • 100 Double Unders
  • 35 One Arm Over Head Lunge



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