Don’t Forget to register for this years “Open”! 5 Workouts over 5 weeks (1 released every week). www.games.crossfit.com. We will run these workouts on a Friday night and they are a heap of fun with a few BBQ’s thrown in!!

Strength: 3RM Clean and Jerk

Wod 1: 8min EMOM

  • 2 Power Cleans @80% of 1RM + 4 HSPU (Rxd- can start with 2)

*HSPU reps increase by 1 every round

*If you can’t finish a round then drop 3 reps for following round

Wod 2: Sprint for Time

  • 30m KB Farmers Walk
  • 15 Cal AD or row
  • 10 KB Swing (24/16)
  • 10 Plate Overhead Walking Lunge (total steps)

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