HAPPY MONDAY!!!! –  Rise Up and Attack the day with Enthusiasm


  • A) Snatch Pulls 3 x 3 reps@100% of 1RM
  • B) Wall Walks 3 x 3 (Pause at the top)


  • 0-5mins
  • 200m Run or 10 cal airdyne
  • 7 Toes to Bar
  • 5-10mins
  • work up to a 3RM touch and go snatch then immediately drop the barbell weight by 50%
  • 10-15mins (ascending ladder 5-10-15-20-25 etc)
  • Pull up (Rxd+ Chest 2 Bar)
  • Barbell Snatch
  • 15-20mins AMRAP
  • 7 Chest to Bar (Rxd+ Bar Muscle Up)
  • 7 Overhead Squat

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