Run Wod:

Buy in: Burpee Box Jump Beep Test – 5 m track, 1 box jump


30 min AFAP:

  • Run 800 m-700-600-500-400-300-200-100-200-300-etc
  • Reverse Bear Crawl 20 m between sets


Everest: Transport by sled and hand AMWDAPU (As Much Weight over the greatest Distance As You Can, Uphill)

First 15 min’s

  • 1 big team
  • 2x Sleds may be used from 0 m to 150 m mark
  • Weight can be Kettlebells, Plates, Dumbbells

Second 15 min’s

  • AFAPRWTTB (As Fast As Possilbe Return Weight To The Box)


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