What A Facntastic Showdown 2016 yesterday! Congrats to everyone who competed you should all be proud of yourselves.  Big Congrats to Darell and Vanessa for taking out first place and Rachel and Shane for third.  Also Keely and Chole for third in the kids competition.

As of today we are at the new box 21-22/22 National Drive Hallam – We have a portable shower for two weeks while we are building new ones.  You will need an extra towel to put on the ground!

Strength: 3RM Back Squat (use a box if needed to get below parallel)

Wod: 4 Rounds (Total 16 mins)

  • 4min ascending ladder (5,10-15-20 etc) of
  • Wall Ball (9/6)
  • Cal Row
  • Overhead squat (Rxd- Goblet Squat 24/16)(42.5/30)
  • vups

Rest 1min after each round

*Start back at 5 reps at the start of each round

Rxd+ Dont start back at 5 reps continue where you left off in the prior round

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