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7am Barbell Free

WOD 1/

Circuit 4 Rounds

  • Sled Push (50m)
  • Airdyne
  • Sled Pull backwards (50m)
  • Sand bag carry (50m)
  • 1 Min ME Dead ball Cleans (Over the shoulder)

Sled push is the time keeper, when they complete their Push, they then go to Airdyne and all rotates through. When 1 round has been completed entire class do 1 min ME Dead ball Cleans (Over the shoulder)

WOD 2/

6 Rounds

  •  Over head yoke/Barbell carry (15m)
  •  Farmers carry (30m)


8:30am – Partner Wod

WOD 1/

  • 20min EMOM
  • Partner A does 5 Thrusters (42.5/30) and 5 burpees (EMOM) while
  • Partner B hangs off the bar
  • Switch every minute

Rest then

WOD 2/

  • 20min AMRAP
  • 8 Power Cleans (60/42.5) (Partner A)
  • 8 Push Jerk (60/42.5) (Partner B)
  • 10 high five push up
  • Partner A is doing the power cleans while Partner B is completing the push jerk. Partners must wait for each other to complete the 8 reps before they can start that exercise. Once both partners finish 8 reps of each, they do 10 high-five pushups together. That’s one round.


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