Strength: 5RM Hang Power Clean


Wod: For Total Reps

  • In 3mins
  • Run 400m + Max Chest to Bar
  • Rest 1min
  • In 3mins
  • Run 400m + Max Power Cleans (70/47.5)
  • Rest 1min
  • In 3 mins
  • Run 400m + Max Chest To Bar
  • Rest 1min
  • In 3mins
  • Run 400m+ Max Power Cleans


– How’s everybody feeling after that little leg workout yesterday? Today’s wod should help fix that


– The focus of these 4 short wods is to run that 400m fast and practice your chest to bars and power cleans whilst puffing a little heavy(like most wods). So push hard and see how you go. If you’ve started working that beautiful butterfly chest to bar then keep at it.

– With the power cleans, try and hit a set of touch and go straight after the run and then try and hit fast singles. It will be challenging but try and avoid resting too long between reps

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